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We are a group of friends and family in Abilene, Texas that want the best for the animals that were once in our local shelters. These wonderful pets are now in foster homes, loved, vetted, and happy. We learn about the personalities, their likes/dislikes so that we can find them a "forever home". 

Our pets are in foster homes, we do not have a facility.

We want our foster dogs to be adopted into a home that is best suited for them. We encourage that adopters study the breed they are interested in, look up the websites, check out books on the breed to make sure they can know as much as possible about the particular breed.  We want to make sure that every pet is a perfect match for their new home.


All of our pets are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.



Welcome to Pawed Squad

When adopting a new friend, it is an important decision. We at Pawed Squad want this to be a lifelong commitment. Animals are not disposable, they are our friends and deserve to be given the love they deserve. So many of these pets come from shelters and rescued by our group. These pets are seen by a vet, live in our homes so that we get to know them so that we can find the best placement for them. These wonderful animals deserve the very best.


We are not a shelter, we don't have a facility, we have these pets in foster homes so that we can give them the love they need and deserve. We get to know these sweet babies and we put a lot of love into them. We represent the pet to the best of our ability, they are rescue dogs and we don't always get their history.


We at Pawed Squad do the best we can to match the pets with the right home.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about one of our wonderful foster dogs, please email us at

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