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The available dogs are NOT in the local animal shelter, they are in foster homes in Abilene, Texas. We require that adopter meet the dog to make sure that this is a good match, we do not ship. We want to this to be a permanent adoption, we will place the dog in the home best suited for him/her. These are a few things to remember when looking to adopt a dog from us;


  • Be an adult with responsibility for maintaining a household.

  • Have the knowledge and consent of everyone living in household (No gifts for unsuspecting person).

  • Be able to spend the time and money necessary to provide proper care of the pet.

  • Understand that all pets in an adopter's home must be altered, fully vaccinated and on heartworm preventative.

  • Understand that children's age restriction will be based on the the child's exposure and the  dog's temperament towards children. We prefer children to be over the age of six years old.

  • Provide an environment for the animal that will keep him safe and secure.




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