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Something very odd is going on here at Pawed Squad Manor! Today we got a knock at the door from a shady looking character that had the wrong address. He was supposed to be at the abandoned mansion next door...hmmm...very creepy...

It appears we have new neighbors moving into the old Mansion next door. They must be remodeling because we hear all kinds of noises at night. We thought we would go over there and introduce ourselves. It was very odd no one came to the door when we knocked. We heard giggling noises behind us and turned to see this little guy! We tried to talk to him but he giggled and skipped away! I guess we will have to try again another day!

We finally met our new neighbor living next door to Pawed Squad Manor. He is a very nice scientist. The scientist has a son that is newly married and his bride is lovely. 

They are a perfect couple, almost as if they were made for each other!

We met another one of our neighbors that lives in the haunted mansion next door. We almost didn't see her, she was in the shadows. She kept calling us "her pretties". Isn't that sweet? She invited the neighborhood to come over next week for potions and spells...oops she then corrected herself and said drinks and snacks.

The foster dogs are digging through the closets, pulling out costumes from the trunks and working on how they want to dress for Halloween!! Some are looking forward to visiting the haunted mansion next door to Pawed Squad Manor!  Franky the dachshund says,



Harley is a little shy so he doesn't want to dress as anything too scary or crazy for Halloween. He wants to be a brave cowboy wearing a 10 gallon hat.

We are busy here at the Manor but keep hearing noises coming from inside the closet. What could it be? Somebody needs to check it out! Slowly we open the door...something in the''s...a MONSTER!! He ran through Pawed Squad manor, out the front door, and into the open window of the old mansion next door!!!

Everyone at Pawed Squad Manor is convinced that it wasn't a monster we saw last night...probably a cat. Yeah, that's it, just a harmless (blue?) kitty cat. So we are going to continue digging through trunks and getting our Halloween costumes ready! Nekkid Nicky plans to "Peace Out"!

Cupcake wants to "twist" the night away in a poodle skirt for Halloween! Perfect for a poodle mix! She can "Rock Around the Clock" tonight, and hopefully she will be someone's "Earth Angel"

Darla is walking around the manor perfecting her walk. Darla is a diva and has dressed as a runway model for Halloween, isn't she the most beautiful Victoria's Secret model you have ever seen?

It's finally Halloween!!! Everyone is dressed for fun here at Pawed Squad Manor! All the dogs are ready to go to the old mansion next door for a party. We are very excited as it has taken us weeks to prepare for this party! We hope it will be the grand event of the year! The Pawed Squad doggies are happy to get to know the new neighbors and their friends. It is a dreary night and feels like a storm is brewing but everyone will be safe inside the mansion!










Our furry friends walk down the street to the mansion, doesn't look like the new owners have fixed it up much - dead trees and lots of dried up weeds in the yard.  As our furry friends knock on the door, it creaks open so they walk in. The scientist and his family are all in the parlor ready to entertain guests. The scientist welcomes them, he is very friendly. He introcudes everyone to his son and his new wife, and his nice lady friend with the pointy hat has refreshments she is stirring in a large black cauldron. On the other side of the room is the shady looking charector that came knocking a while back asking about the neighbors. Shady looking guy is petting what looks to be the blue kitty than was hiding in our closet...(gulp) that is one odd looking kitty cat!









Everyone gets refreshments and the scientist wants to show them around his house, he says to call him "Doc".  Everyone is headed up the stairs and there is a growling noise coming from underneath the stairway, he said it is his pet. Don't know what his pet is but he sure has a mean growl. Halfway up the stairs, the lights flicker and it becomes dark! Wow, what an awful time for a power outage. Everyone sticks close together because it is very dark in the house, so glad Doc has a candle. He gives a tour of the house and it is scary with the candles lighting each room, almost feels like there are things lurking in the corners!


Doc says there is a shortcut to get back downstairs, he pushes on the bookcase and it opens, everyone follows Doc down the long dusty passageway. The guests are huddled together as they walk into a large room with lots of machines, chemicals, and beakers on burners. Doc says it is his "La-bor-a-toree, please, please have a seat".  The seats don't look like normal chairs - they have wires and straps all over them and what is that in his paw??? It's a scary pair of nail clippers!! Hmmm...things were beginning to get way to weird so everyone decided it is time to head back to Pawed Squad manor.

As the group is leaving the

"La-bor-a-toree" something appears in the doorway and blocks their way! It's a MUMMY!! Everyone screams and the mummy gives them, "the look". Don't you hate getting "the look" from mummy? The mummy tries to grab them but is a little stiff and doesn't move well. 

They get passed the mummy and Doc's pet comes after them - it's a DINOSAUR!!! Those are supposed to be extinct aren't they?

The group ducks into a closet. Whew, the dinosaur can't get them...but they hear a humming noise. Luckily Darla brought a glow stick and it's in her Victorias Secret tote! She lights up her stick and EUREKA!! It's a vaccuum cleaner!!! The horror!!! They all fall out of the closet and the vacuum cleaner is right behind them!! Eureka can't get far because there is a tangle in the cord.

Our little group runs into another closet, just as they are feeling safe they hear a humming sound again...oh no! They turn and it's a SHARK!!! You guessed it, a Shark "pet perfect" hand held vac and it's CORDLESS!!!! They run out of the closet and Harley does something very brave, he turns and slams the door before the shark can follow them! 

As they are catch their breath it happened. They hear a honking noise!! Oh no!!  It is the most terrifying, most hideous creature anyone can imagine, the scariest, the most horrific sight anyone has ever seen! The thing that haunts everyones dreams...A CIRCUS CLOWN!


























Tiny little Cupcake is able to slide past him, as he turns to watch her the others sneak behind him! Out the door they run!! Yelping and barking - they must get to Pawed Squad manor where they will be safe! 


The doggies are scared, running down the sidewalk they only want to get away! Out of the darkness steps their foster families!! Everyone jumps into the safety of their familes arms, cover them with kisses and their tails are wagging! They are SAFE!!! 





Once back at Pawed Squad manor they forget about the mansion down the street, eat treats, and have lots of snuggles! They know they are safe now!


Oh look, the silly little guy that giggled and ran away from us must have followed our friends back to the manor! He is so cute and friendly he won't be any trouble...



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