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Bentley is one fantastic little dog! Bentley and his friends were brought to the local shelter by a breeder. He was very frightened and stayed huddled next to the wall out of fear. Pawed Squad saw that he needed help and got him out. Bentley was groomed and taken to a foster home where he came out of his shell very fast! He wanted to be held, wanted to play, and wanted to stay close to people! Hanging out with people and running as fast as he can around the yard chasing his doggie friends! We are not sure of his exact breed but we believe he is Dachshund mix. Whatever he is, he is VERY handsome and extremely lovable! He is about 18-24 months old, weighs 18 pounds, and is about 11" tall at shoulders. Bentley is a fun guy that loves to rough house and play with people! He is crate trained. He does well going outside to potty but accidents can and do happen with all pets.


If you are wanting a fun guy that loves to play and act silly then email us for more information at

We are a rescue NOT a shelter, we do NOT have a facility that opens to the public. The application MUST be completed BEFORE a potential adopter meets one of our pets. We will contact vet reference to ensure that any pets already in the home are current on vaccines, heartworm prevention, and sterilized. Our adoption process is intended to make the best match possible between pet and people. 

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